Changing Scales – BabyBloom Healthcare

In cooperation with BabyBloom Healthcare, Saber Engineering and Pliant BV we’ve developed a Changing Scale, a combination of a changing mat and a weighing scale. The main advantage of this integration is the fact that newborn children do not have to be transported for weighing, which reduces stress for the child and diminishes the risk[…]

Tirelicochon – Asmodee

This is a project we’ve worked on in 2014. The basic idea was to have a piggybank that can be slammed, and at a random moment the bank burst open and the coins fly in all directions. The main challenge was to integrate the slamming mechanism correctly inside the pig. For this project we’ve taken[…]

Space Hawk – Ravensburger

The latest that we’ve done for Ravensburger Digital – the Space Hawk! It connects toys with smartphones, by integrating the smartphone in a state of the art spaceship. Challenges in this project were the quick and safe installation of the phone, keeping the weight down, and making sure the spaceship could be easily transformed. And[…]

Electronic Turtle – Ravensburger

Who wouldn’t like to have a shape-explaining turtle that you can walk with? Exactly Ravensburger’s thoughts, and they’ve commissioned us to develop the turtle below. We’ve taken care of several concepts, the styling and the engineering of the exterior. He should be in stores in Fall of 2015.